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Kern Valley Ads FAQ & Instructions

This app is for creating ads to place on websites, specifically within the Kern River Valley. For the best experience, please use Chrome (only Chrome currently supports launching app by opening a .krvad file). It should work perfectly well in any browser though.


Where do I submit my ad?

For Whiskey Flat Days vendors, please attach the .krvad file along with the Promotional Add-on application in an email to the Kernville Chamber of Commerce.

If you were directed to this site to create an ad, you should have been provided with an email address or a link to upload to. Please contact whomever referreed you to this site for more detailed instructions.

If you did not receive any instructions but were referred to this app to create an ad, please ask the referring party where to submit the file to.

For all others, advertising is currently available by invite only. Check back soon.

Where will my ads appear?

That depends on what you're advertising, but there is a growing list of Kern Valley websites that are possible. Examples of sites your ad may appear on include:

Do you support keyboard shortcuts?

Yes, most of the toolbar buttons support keyboard shortcuts via accesskey. The specific keys vary based operating system and browser, however.

  • Save: accesskey + S
  • Open: accesskey + O
  • New: accesskey + N
  • Help/FAQ (this): accesskey + ?
  • Menu: accesskey + M
How do I install this app?

Although this web app may be installed as a PWA for convenience and extra features, this is not required. Installation is optional, but does allow for opening the app directly from a .krvad file in supported browsers.

In Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, an Install button should appear in the toolbar. Clicking this button will open an install prompt, from which you may install the Progressive Web App on any supported Operating System. This is not supported in Firefox, Safari, or older browsers, and installation instructions may vary on iOS.

What is a PWA?

Progressive Web Apps are a collection of new web technologies that enable creating native, app-like experiences that run in a minimal browser. This means that the web app gets its own icon in the launcher/Start menu and is uninstalled like any other app.

How do I open and edit my ads?

This varies from browser-to-browser since not all browsers support the newest features available, and it's why Google Chrome is the preferred browser to use.

  • If you are using Chrome on Desktop and have installed the PWA, just open any .krvad file, make any changes to your ad, and click Save. The file you opened will be updated.
  • For Edge or Desktop versions of Chrome without the PWA installed, just click the Open button, select the .krvad file, make any changes, and click Save. Changes will be saved to the file you opened
  • For all other browsers and on mobile, clicking Open will show a prompt with a file picker. Pick the .krvad file and click Import if the preview is correct. Changes will not be saved to the original file, but clicking Save will download a new ad file.
Can I use these ads on my website?

Not yet, but that will be available soon. When this is available, it will involve adding a <script>, will respect user privacy, and should have little-to-no impact on the performance of your website.

Basic Instructions
  1. Design your ad, filling out all fields in the form
  2. Click the Save button
  3. Submit the .krvad file as instructed

For any other questions, please visit the Contact Page .

Attention Whiskey Flat Days Vendors

This site is not customized for Whiskey Flay Days vendors, so not all information will apply to you. Specifically, your rates are one-time rather than monthly, and the URL field will be set to your vendor URL on the Map Page.

Please be sure to fill out the Whiskey Flat Days Promotional Add-Ons form and submit that along with your .krvad file as instructed.

If you are in need of the promotional add-ons or other application, click here.